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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Driver
Volunteer drivers provide transportation for seniors to medical-related and other essential errands. Drivers can deduct their mileage from their taxes. Assignments may be one-time or ongoing. Requires a vehicle conducive to transporting seniors and trunk or backseat space to accommodate a walker, if needed. Rides are scheduled each way (not round trip) so there is no waiting on the part of the driver. Trips are often short averaging 20 minutes to a half hour of the driver’s time.

Grocery Go-Getter
Grocery Go-Getters assist members with their grocery trips by helping them gain access to essential food and toiletry items. Depending on the volunteer’s interest and need this position may be a social outing involving the member or a shopping trip using a list created and paid for by the member.

Tech Helper
Tech helpers provide much needed technological support to seniors in the community. Depending on the volunteer’s interest their role may be to provide minor computer repair, education, or tech support. This role is flexible to the volunteer’s schedule, engagements are scheduled to fit the schedules of the volunteer and the member. Tech helpers are always in demand and while professional experience with technology is encouraged it is in no way required. We are willing to work with college students and are happy to give references to long-term volunteers.

Office Volunteer
Assist in the preparation of materials for health fairs or events, mailings, developing application packets and training materials. The need for these services is usually between 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM on an “on-call” basis.

Phone Volunteers
We have three types of phone volunteers.
  • Friendly Callers: Call a member that has similar interests matched for you.
  • Check-In Callers: Calls made from a list of members to make sure they are OK and don’t need anything.
  • Reminder Callers: Calls made to remind members of upcoming events

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